Our Story

Not so long back, there was a guy who was entrusted with the task of implementing a financial system for an eminent credit union. But he was not content with the complex and expensive solutions obtainable then. He deeply believed “There must be a better way”. In pursuit to disrupt traditional banking norms, he met like minded aficionado. This conclave resulted in the genesis of ImpactoXGen Private limited and IMPACTO Suite of Products. Today ImpactoXGen is on the mission to disrupt traditional banking and innovative redefine tomorrow.

Our Story


History of ImpactoXGen

IMPACTOXGEN Private Limited was founded in 2019 as the product arm of Sirma Business Consulting (India) Private Limited (www.sirmaglobal.com) with a focus on developing next generation Banking Solutions based on cutting edge technologies.

Our unwavering commitment to deliver proven technologies and solutions that disrupt the tradition led to the development of IMPACTO suite of products. IMPACTO help businesses develop deeper connections with customers, power continuous innovation and accelerate growth in the digital world. We power our clients’ growth in rapidly evolving areas like banking, financial services, insurance, customer service , next Gen learning management systems,Byte size content reinforcement, Game based along with virtual reality and augmented reality learning experience.

IMPACTOXGEN believes in fostering a progressive model of being a trusted technology partner to all its clients.