Ambassador Banking - The future of banks

This unique product is the one-stop-shop for all banking processes. This device can address every need of a banking executive in minutes. It provides customers with an easy access to financial products and the ability to address multiple needs through a single, integrated channel.

Geographic Location Independent – device can be used anywhere. Ideal for heavy foot-traffic areas like shopping complex, educational institute, conferences, cultural events, and transport hubs.

Highlights Ambassador Banking

Add blockchain-enabled KYC to businesses and services that require user identification. Decentralized, reusable KYC improves security, on-boarding and every day use.

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Biometric Technology
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Impacto's Solution

IMPACTO Ambassadors would engage with the customers at their doorsteps and understand their needs and cater accordingly. Deliver authentic and consistent services and guide them and ensure personalized customer experience. They will build up long lasting relationships with the customers which will reinforce brand loyalty and by word of mouth would also play a great role in building up brand loyalty.

Customizable – software based on agile methodology can be modified to accommodate changing requirements for all products and services.

Nomadic – ease of mobility helps to target new geographical areas to attract new customers. Now banks can go to customers with the entire range of banking activities instead of waiting for the customers to come to the bank.

Secure – the device self-deletes data once it has been stored in the back end. This significantly reduces of the possibility of theft while the device is mobile.

Marketing solution – frequent interactions between customers and ambassadors provides an opportunity for banks to promote new products and develop stronger relationships with members.

Impacto Ambassador Banking Benefits


Benefits to Customers

  • Doorstep access to all banking facilities and products
  • Convenience of paper-free banking process at doorstep
  • Real-time notification through SMS, WhatsApp, and email
  • Simplified process for KYC renewal
  • Maximum security


Benefits to Employees

  • High efficiency and efficacy
  • Reduced human error through AI assisted banking
  • Instantly cater to all customer needs
  • Ease of use in workflow
  • Paper-free and portable banking processes
  • Ability to reach customers regardless of geography


Benefits to Bank

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Streamlining of business activities
  • Faster turnaround times for applications
  • Ability to reach remote geographical areas with ease
  • Reduced human errors and increased employee productivity
  • Capitalizing on data and advanced analytical insight due to detailed information accumulated through IMPACTO’s technology
  • Real-time dashboard for monitoring ambassadors and their operations


Benefits to Economy

  • Assists financial inclusion
  • Connects banks to remote locations where branches might not exist
  • Helps people become better acquainted with various banking processes at their doorstep
  • Local ambassadors employed by banks will boost employment in the region