About us

iBorg as an emerging phenomenal strategy in the field of Robotics and testing Automation which allows the Banking Industry To possess substantial Business operations. It combines the attributes of RPA and Testing Automation under single exclusive Software.

About Us

The Prominent Attributes of iBorg

iBorg utilising the Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Hyper Automation and Cognitive Automation, administers the complicated Business Operations of the Firm thus increasing the productivity and enhancing the progress.

Largely minimize the hard labor in performing The monotonous jobs of repetitive process.
Imitates the human interaction by Automated Data collection.
Ability to perform tasks like running test cases, Validating the results in multiple platforms and Much more
Indulge in an extensive multiple complex chores Without the human involvement in it.
iBorg doesn’t edge with AI based Automation Testing rather capable of handling high complex Jobs.
Enables cost conservative resources with consistency
Neglects the manual intervention in the process And allowing the Robots to access.
The High potential services ensuring greater efficiency in the process with Robotic muscle.

The Phenomenal Software is Flexible to Work

The power of Robotic automation and Test automation in a single solution!
Multiple Web Browsers
Headless browsers
AS400 Screens
Desktop applications
Mobile devices

Why Choose iBorg?

About Us

Fully Automated business

iBorg Delivers superior efficiency in the form of an automated business process that is easy, simple and empowering To companies who are lean and focused in their business operations.

Reliable Robust Solution

iBorg helps you set up a reliable, economic and robot test automation solutions to maximum efficiency for business intelligence data which boosts organisational productivity and improves user experience by leveraging the power of a superior digital transformation

About Us
About Us

Multitasking Robot

iBorg is a hybrid of robotic process automation and test automation hence, it can perform varied tasks with ease which a normal bot cannot do. It has the intelligence of RPA And can carry the load of test Automation. It can be implemented In companies that work in back Office tasks in finance, accounting, Customer services, Human Resource Banking, RPA in finance, order processing For RPA purpose and also be used For implementation of enterprise applications,Desktop applications and mobile apps, etc for Automation testing.

Characteristic features of iBorg

About Us
Performing series of operations by collecting Data from multiple systems.
Reading data from documents using OCR and Executing data entry and validating data into the System.
Collecting and analyzing the informations from Multiple sources.
Conducts multifaceted complex test automation Scenarios
Supports the more complication operations, Where the manual user has to go to multiple Systems to complete the task.
The process can also include accessing multiple Systems in multiple platforms.

iBorg and Oracle Flexcube

Reliable Robot for Oracle Flexcube for RPA
Automation of Business Processes.
Deploying fixes.
Generating reports
Running End of Day (EOD) operations.
Taking database backups etc.

Characteristics features of iBorg as RPA

Time and cost conservative service providers.
Virtual workforce ensures substantial business Operation.
Reduces the risk and complexity in the operations.
Functions emulate manual interaction with its Applications software.
Enables rapid flow and consistency in the process.

Reliable Robot for Oracle Flexcube for Test Automation

iBorg performs automation testing with AI to ensure efficiency in process execution. iBorg performs testing in various aspects and evaluate the reliability in Business Operations
Testing Capabilities of iBorg
iBorg is competent to perform integration testing in which it executes the test case in the Satellite system and validates the results in the core banking application
Functional Testing
To assure standard in the trade transactions iBorg carry out Functional Testing in order to overview the output with respect to the input defined in the test scrip.
System Testing
To possess consistency in the process iBorg executes end to end flow of transactions in the system. It has the ability to perform both functional and non- functional testing operations.
Regression Testing
Regression Testing looks for an occurrence of new bugs in the operations due to the peculiar changes made in the system. iBorg runs all the unit test cases and integration test cases after the upgrades and Bug fixes have been applied.
Multi-platform testing
iBorg is potential to execute testing in multiple platforms viz, laptop, desktop, tablet and mobiles. Hence, the organizations has the great advantage of using single tool to access multi dimensional operations under various platforms.

Benefits of implementation iBorg

Enhanced efficiency
Robots do the task much Faster and more efficiently Based on the program
Unmatched quality
Quality of Viborg has reached Near perfection
Improved Analytics
Finally data makes sense
Superior Accuracy
humans do mistakes,But bots don’t! The accuracy with which a robot can program I s near to 100
Low cost
since we are using a bot, it reduces downa lot of machine and manual cost
Time efficient
the tasks are done much faster as it is doneby a bot and not by a human thus, nomanual intervention

Functionalities of iBorg

Prioritised work
Helps the system extract Normal transaction data that Is used for analysis
Programming Expertise
No definite programming or coding And requirements to operate system Are required. iBorg can be run with Basic knowledge of robotic process
Scalability Feature
It provides centralised system which monitors and controls All robots and provides great working environment
Quite user friednly
No need of extensive technical Knowledge to use this automation Solution. Most organisations find It handy to adopt the process
Security control
It has role based security management Which provides complete security and Ensures access based permissions

Influence of iBorg in Business Operations

The power of Robotic automation and Test automation in a single solution!
Back Office & Central
Front Office
End to End
IT Department for testing

Leverage of iBorg in various

Technical Landscape

IT Optimization
Implementation of Enterprise software applications
Strategic Change
Implementation of mobile apps

Highlights of iBorg (Robotic Process Automator)

Time Conservative is the prominent feature iBorg it saves up to 60% to 70% of time by implementing Robotic Process Automation
Automate mundane, trivial, repetitive and standardized tasks to enhance the productivity
Eliminates the manual intervention in trivial chores, allowing the employees to focus on high complex more productive jobs.
Applicable both across the depth and breadth of processes spanning diverse verticals ranging from banking and finance to engineering.
Administers the Process 24x7 for 365 day, with minimal conservation.
Despite the macro interferences like during the time of war or Pandemic it works with consistency and reliability.
Harvest distinctive data for superior and sophisticated decision making for the development of the process execution.